MPC Training Gold Package


-This program is created for the basic, intermediate and advanced MPC user and can be customized to include information from the Online Music School courses.
-All Akai MPC 2500 training courses are specialized and discounted exclusively for from the Computer Music Production School

  • Pricing: $400
  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Akai MPC 2500, PC, MAC, Hardware & Software
  • Student Adviser Included


  • Engineering and production overview with the MPC 2500 functions.
  • Tempo overview for each style & genre
  • MPC loading & saving samples
  • Creating custom Programs
  • Loading & saving sequences
  • Songwriting & Track structure overview
  • Drums & percussion foundation building
  • Different Roles and mindsets as a producer
  • Guidelines for Songwriting & Beat production from start to finish; from recording, to mixing, to mastering.
  • How to add extra seasoning when a beat "Feels like its missing something"
  • Backups, File Organization, Templates
  • Program is customizable to student's schedule, equipment and budget.


  • $150 MPC 2500 Sounds Voucher for
  • 24/7 Email Support.


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“I searched around the internet for information on how to use the MPC. I’ve bought books, asked in forums and then I came across their training packages.

I sent them an email requesting more information, and received a phone call the same day. The training package was customized to me and my needs in the studio. Not only did my trainer cover the MPC, he also covered how to use it and other tools efficiently in my studio.

There was a lot that I “thought” I knew, but my trainer opened my eyes to a whole new light. He was great and I would definitely recommend him to others in need of guidance. THANKS!”

-Orlando Robinson “Squalley”