MPC Training Silver Package


-This program is created for the MPC user who needs to skip the basics and get into the meat of the MPC. Also covers engineering, recording and beat making information from the Online Music School courses.
-All Akai MPC 2500 training courses are specialized and discounted exclusively for from the Computer Music Production School

  • Pricing: $300
  • Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Akai MPC 2500, PC, MAC, Hardware & Software
  • Student Adviser Included


  • Guidelines for Songwriting & Beat production from start to finish; from recording, to mixing, to mastering.
  • Engineering and production overview on top of the MPC 2500 functions
  • Creating your own sound library using the MPC & your computer
  • How to add extra seasoning when a beat "Feels like its missing something"
  • "Find your Niche" - guidelines and assistance with making your way in the new music industry
  • Interfacing MPC 2500 with computer music production
  • Sequencing with computer music production & MPC 2500
  • MPC 2500 as a sound module/sample
  • Tempo overview for each style & genre
  • Songwriting Overview & Track structure overview
  • Drums & percussion foundation building
  • Different Roles and mindsets as a producer
  • Backups, File Organization, Templates
  • Program is customizable to student's schedule and budget.


  • $100 MPC 2500 Sounds Voucher for
  • 24/7 Email Support


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“I was having trouble getting started with some of the features on my MPC and support helped me sort through some of the technical sludge that had been slowing me down. Plus they provided me with some good tips on how I could work smarter and make the whole process a lot more of a creative experience.

If I hadn’t gotten the help I got from them I’d probably be wheeling through my MP’s interface and scratchin’ my head for god knows how long. Y’all are doin’ good things and I really appreciate the help!”

-Jonathan Pippenger

“These guys are the best at what they do and if you want to be the best jump on board with em! The samples are off the meter, customer service legendary, they go beyond the norm to help you out. Best oppurtunity I came accross in a long time!”

-LC Shelton