MPC 2500 Drum Starter Pack


Akai MPC 2500 Drum Starter Pack including TR 909 drums, TR 909 Drums, hip hop drum kits, drum n bass, house

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Package includes these Kits Exclusively programmed for MPC 2500

TR 808 Drum Kit Samples: 64 Legendary custom designed 808 Kicks, Snares, High Hats, Cymbals, and Percussion Sounds.
TR 909 Drum Kit Samples: 64 Hip Hop and RnB edge to the original Roland TR 909 Drum Machine Sounds.
Butta Hip Hop Drum Kit Vol.1: 64 Buttalicious Hip Hop Kicks, Snares, High Hats, Cymbals, percussion and seasoning Sounds
Cream Hip Hop Drum Kit Vol.2: 64 Hot & Creamy Hip Hop Kicks, Snares, High Hats, Cymbals, Hits, & Dj Scratches.
Hitplay Hip Hop Drum Kit Vol.3: 64 Hit and Stab Hip Hop Hits, Kicks, Snares, High Hats, Cymbals, and Guitar Riffs.
Drum N Bass Drum Kit Vol. 1: 64 Crazy Thumpin Drum & Bass Kicks, Snares, High Hats, Cymbals, and other percussion Sounds.
Drum & Bass Vol.2: 64 Drum n’ Bass /Jungle/ Dark Step sounds inspired by Roni Size, Squarepusher & Mocean Worker.
House Drum Kit: 64 House samples of Hard Hittin House Kicks, Snares, High Hats, Cymbals, and other percussion Sounds.

Downloads & Instructions

Package orders placed with the download option are not available in the ‘my downloads’ section of your account.
All download option fulfillment of orders are emailed within 24 hours (usually 15min to 2 hours).
If you need additional help or have any questions, please create a support ticket so we can best assist you.

1) Select MODE & PAD#2
2) Make sure the view is Program (View:PROGRAMS)
3) Make sure the Load from say MEMORY CARD (Load from: MEMORY CARD)
4) Select the .pgm file with the Data wheel
4) Select F6 (Do It)
The Dialog Box “Load a Program / Option to Load: WITH SAMPLE or PROGRAM ONLY
change it to read WITH SAMPLE (Load:WITH SAMPLE) also Replace Same Sound in Memory” YES or NO
if you want to add sounds to the current mpc2500 libary, select “NO” if you  want to replace the current sample libary select “YES”
5) Select F5 (DO IT)
6) Select main button, chose your sq, select your track, select type “DRUM”, select the program you’ve loaded by using the DATA wheel.

Individual Sound Kits

If you would like to purchase individual sound kits for a more customized sample library, visit and review sound kits priced from $1, $10, $30, $50 and more pre-programmed Akai MPC 2500 Sounds.

Sample Library Styles Include:
$1 HD Kit Sounds
Kick Drum Sounds
Snare Drum Sounds
Hi Hat & Cymbal Sounds
Percussion Sounds
Sound Effects Sounds
Hip Hop Sounds
Dirty South Sounds
East & West Coast Sounds
Midwest Sounds
Reggaeton Sounds
Neo Soul & RnB Sounds
Electro Sounds
House Sounds
Trance Sounds
Drum & Bass Sounds
Vocal Sounds
UK Hip Hop Sounds
Rock Drum Sounds
Instrument Sounds
Chops & Riffs Sounds
Drum Kit Sounds
Motif Drum Kit Sounds
Motif ES Drum Kit Sounds


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